Monday, April 25, 2011

blaja wat kek


its been such a long time not to write anytim in diz blog...maybe to focus more in stdy?hahaaa...*bajet kuat stdy*its okay to perasan skali sekala...heee..

okay notim 2 say..juz want 2 share a little bit knowledge dat i juz gain on how 2 making a blueberry cheese cake..hehe..if some of u're interested juz keep it ur eyes at my blog..=)
i learn 2 make da cake wif a very professional chef u know..yeahhh every chef is professional in their respective type of some are professional in juz doing pastries only but not pro in other cooking...

okay stop bubling...focus on our aim to learn making a BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE...

ingredients dat u must have:

-cream cheese 500 gm (juz go to pastry shop or any supernarket n ask for the cream cheese =)
-icing sugar 125 gm
-sour cream 125 gm (it's okay if u don't put it =)
-egg yolk 35 gm
-corn flour 15 gm
-milk 30 ml (juz use dairy milk dat we usually drink)

this one for meringe

-egg white 60 gm
-sugar 35 gm
-cream of tarta 1/2 tsp
filling blueberry 100 gm

okai..such an easy way to make dis cake...juz mix all da ingredients n then finish..HAHA...juz joking..
when u're ready with all dat stuff,fes put da cream cheese n icing sugar in machine where u can 'uli' them until smooth n soft..put da sour cream,egg yolk,corn flour n milk..keep them machine..

next,,dry da machine to use for making the usual mix all da ingredients slowly n lastly juz mix da fes one dat we have served..then we baked by using a tray n put water around it..after it has been baked,,wait until cool n freeze it to make it more delicious...ermmm..yummm2x..=)
have fun to try it...
 okai dis one is called da base...after we're finished with da fes mixture n da meringe juz put it on the base..

                                           along da time making da cake...smileeeee....

okai.....enough 4 dis time..nex time we will meer again in other programme...haha..*pektis speaking senarnye even grammar tunggang lnggang..muahaha..dun angry2 ya*pua chu kang..HAHA