Thursday, May 19, 2011

~a 3 days holidei in pangkor~


hallo..ingt x entri lepas ak citer sal g gnting okei next olidei trip ak is at pangkor island..wuhhuuu..fes time gak g..a joyable trip wif my sisiter's family..ala sume org da mmg bese pg kt citu kn..p ape yg ak ase time g cne sgt2 la mnarik n best!!mmgla kt citu notim much interesting to attract  people..but it's not da attraction really dat i felt staying there is best but actually behind all those lifes at pangkor..i'm still thinking how can people there continue their life by just staying in an island far from urban life..but den i realise dat it's not da urban life dat is important in our life..we still can  make a modernisation to a place with our own method in our own life style..3 days in pangkor i can acknowledge all da activities there dat for sure must be related to marinated life..even it's just a small place but there're a lot of enterpreneur and dat r really advanced u know...
okei let's take a look at dis pictures..hope enjoysss it..=)

ha nie ai fes kt atas jeti nk g pngkor
 niela nmenye kote belande satu-stunye tmpt brsejarah kt cni
 wif my sis kt lokasi yg sme gak
 nie tman foo ling ape tahhh...da lupe..hehe..ade batu great wall
 tadaaaa..besar x batu nie
 haaa nmpak tak batu besar kt ats 2..tuela great wall slah sti tarikan plncong kt cni gak..
 last day kteorg pling syokk nek bot then snorkelling..syokk taw!

best sgt2x g snorkelling..fes time gak try bnde tue..wah xtaw nk ckp pe sbb fes experience tgok ikan kt dasar laut..lawa sgt2x..haaa pastue fes time pgang lintah laut..geli gak awal2x..heee..kalo bley ak nk lago snorkelling sbb xpuas ritue..p ak nie agk pnkut nk g snorkelling kt tgah2x laut..asek dok kt tepi2 jea.akibatnye habis calar balar kaki kne coral2 yg tajam..xpala pngalaman org katekan dok kt pulau..wahhhaa..



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jum wat ayam KFc


time2 cuti nie xtaw nk wat,,dri dok buang mse cm tuh jea bek ak isi mase ngn memasak..hehe..
ai nie 4 da fes time blajo wat ayam celup tepung jea..p sje nk melebih2 pnggil ayam kfc coz ank buah ak pown ckp"eh ayam kfc la..sape beli"haha..bnggenye ak time tue sbb msk btul2 cm ayam kfc..pasnie ley bkk kfcn stand for kentucky fried chicken nadiah..huahau..

care nk wat sonang jea..

bahan2 nyer:
-beberape ulas bwg ptih
-lada hitam
-garam secukup rase
-aji no moto
-ayam beberape ketul

1) perap ayam ngn bwg putih,lade itam,garam n sikit aji tade moto..owh before tu isi ayam 2 belah due kt tgah2  bgi luas sket surface area isi ayam tuh..hehe..
2) perap la dlm half hour lam peti..pastue gaul lak ngn telur..bpe bijik telur  tue depends kt bape ketul ayam yg nk wt kfc tuh.p salunye 1 bijik da ckup..
3)next,amek ayam tue then gaul lak ngn rice flour..owh,,ak ase ape2 jnis flour bley gne kowt..
4)pastue pe agy goreng2 jeala..
5)mkn time panas2 syok!

Monday, May 9, 2011

~a tribute to mother~


it's kinda usual when the mother's day come,we will be looking at so many poems whether in paper,tv,and most of them in FB dat are all bout mums,mothers,mummy and all sort of calling we give 2 a very precious woman in our life who are de ones who born us into dis world..and same as to me i will not let dis chance to write a poem but xtually it's more bout a story of  my life n my 'MA'.. *dat's becoz i dun really know much in making a poem..XD

u're really special in my life,
notim in dis world can replace U,
u're taking care of me since i was being born into a new world,
certainly,dat time was very difficult 2 u right,
fes to bring me da whole time wif u in a more than 9 month,
i know u must really suffer right during dat time,
then,da time u're delivering me
dat must be really2x pain right,
i know peole said it was like da biggest pain after death ='(
now,u're taking care of me until now i'm 20 years old.
it's not only me but also my other 9 siblings..
how can u be so strong to guide all 10 people n now thank god now we're living well..

i know i was like really stubborn during my childhood..
how can u be really patience towards my behaviours,
i know u must have gone through a really hard time,
how can u face all those things,
if i know during da time u had suffered a lot
if i can realise ur hardship even i don't know anytim during dat time,
i would really2x like to comfort U,to please U,to make U cheerful..
i know sumtimes u're angry to me,
n there're da time i was being too rude to u,
coz i juz follow my emotion without think rationally,
MA,i would really seek for ur forgiveness for all de things i do
dat make u hurt,

now i had growing to become a big gurl,
n i will promise to try my best not giving u any
hardship n diffilcuty dat u had felt once during my growing years..='(
yesss,,i really2x want to make it MA..
coz u're everytim in my life,

if i can tell to u right now dat i'm really2x love u truthfully in my heart..
n dat i really alwiss missing U..
please pray for ur daugther dat she will a good child so
i can repay all ur kindness ma..
n also please pray for me so that i'm too can be as strong,patience mom
oneday juz like u MA..=')

Sunday, May 1, 2011

go go genting!


hari tue kan kan kan saye g genting..besttt wuuuuu!!!sbb fes time g so ter'hyperexcited' lh kn..hehe..g ngn bebudak kolej n beberape member len yg join...dhla g after final so mmg men xingt dunia lh..
nie nk ceciter sket flow ak g sane..kteorg brtolak dri kajang kul 9.30..pgi 2 smpat g kekawn ak mkn nasik sume kt citu..tpi cian dyeorg mkn pnyelah secuit jea nk isi perut p bayarn bapak la mahal..ishhhh2x p nk wt cne org skunk suke ngt take 4 granted la kn..dh2x citer pasal kedai makn 2..smbung2x dlm pkul 11 kowt kteorng smpai kt gnting...hrmm..da main thing yg wjib wat amek gmbar lu..hehe..ohh lupe nk citer turun jea kteorg dri bas 2 mmg mnggeletar kesejukn even time 2 da nk tgahari..ak mmg mnyesal giler sbb xbwk sweater konon xsejuk sbb g,,sesape yg nk g gnting jap g rajin2 kn dri bwak sweater..byak gakla function pkai sweater nie slain tuk mnhan sejuk boley mnahan bju korg yg lawa tue dri basah if nk men game yg involved water...ha..stop citer sal sweater..continue2x..ishhh2x...

okai..fes game yg kteorg men ialah space shot..bpak men bnde tue nk trcbut jntung ak..sbb naek tinggi giler pas2 speed giler2 time nk turun 2..hah smpai terketar2 grrgrgrr tgan ak..smpi kt atas 2 ciap mngucap kuat2 sbelah ak cina gelak2 jea kt ak..haishhhh....dhla2x..malas da nk bercite..tgok jela yea gmbo2x kt bwh nie..peaceeeee!!!!!

membe kolej yg ikowt skali...

mcm kanak2 ribena jek!haha
peace skali g...haha

okai..enough 4 dis time..until we meet again the next time at another place..hahaha..xpuas g jenjalan..
so sape2 yg xmai agi gnting sile2 la..sbb nyer ak mnurut kwn ak yg da bese masuk dye ckap dlu kalo nk msuj snowworld baya belas2 jea skunk da nek rm20..next2 time g xtawla bape...hehe..
so,,sblum maken mahai baekla awal2 dtg..peaceeee!!!!