Saturday, January 28, 2012

a story about sincere


can u imagine if we had only given just 5 minutes to live on this earth what are the things or wishes that we wish to do?maybe some might ask for apologize to every people surround him/her.some might give all his/her propeties that he/she own so that it's still can give benefit although the person are not in the world anymore.some might even think to speak to the beloved ones for the last time.the reality is we don't know when the time of our death will come..maybe it comes without our realise when we are driving car and meet an accident or when we're having our leisure time,having fun but suddenly one bad event happen to us that can cause our death..there's so many reasons that can cause for our death right?maybe the things that we even don't expect it.because Allah had fix  the 'ajal' to's just depends on time,where and how that will comes to us.
let's always put in our hearts that 'ajal' will come to invite us whether it's quick or not.let's prepare from now on.just imagine we want to go to a very far places.we must make sure our car is in the good state by check the tyres,oil,engine,water,temperature and sort of things related to our transport.After that for sure we must to make sure we bring enough  food,drink water and etc so that we will always be energise to continue our journey.
so it's same with our preparation to death.we need to make sure ourself is in good condition full of iman and takwa to Allah.Then we had to bring also our supplier to our journey because death is not that our life is stop but there's stilll another life waiting for us..i do remembering myself too..bring enough good deeds to our journey.=)