Thursday, September 15, 2011

da fes week in ukm


hyep!h0h0hoo...after a very long long long vacation at my beloved hometown now i had to come back to the university life dat was like very busssyyy and is just on da fes and second week i was felt very relieved because there's no labs,class was always dismissed and for sure no mood to study..haha..after this for sure i don't have time to relax and lay down at my bed,sleep all over time like i was doing rite now and most importantly few time to faceb0oking..hehe..and my blog will be ignored for a long time*cause i need to have a very good mood to story mory in my blog..let me tell u a little bit of my schedule of plant biotechnologist student.*sound like i was a very busssyyy student*some of u might say"hrmmm...thought u're a medic student"in a sarcasticsm i care..well i admit my business can't beat da medic student so dat's why i don't choose medical study in my first choice..haha..just for laugh..

okai..back to my now i'm a second year student so my schdule is more pack compare to my fes year life.this semester,i have 4 lab and each of them take 3 hours from is tired rite..*with the sad expression..haha..this is my list lab
-monday : stpd lab.i don't think i like because it's about the application of microcomp dat i don't expert..but i must struggle to diminish all sort of the negative feeling towards dat subject..i know i can..yes!
-tuesday:plant fisiology..hrmmm this might be okayy coz my prof said u can be an artist to draw a lot of plant pic..perhaps it is interesting
-thursday:genetic microbe opinion about this lab it's interesting coz i can get to know more about bacteria..but according to my prof,this is the killer subject because the mostly grade got by the past students were C+ and C..wahhh so scaryyyyy..but perhaps i will n really want to get the most lower grade got by student that were A..wuhuuu..i'allah..

dat's all my beloved laboratory in every week until the last day before final semester..wish me luck to go throung this semester with succesfully and happily..*was appreciating my best week before step into my busy weeekk...hehe..

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