Monday, May 9, 2011

~a tribute to mother~


it's kinda usual when the mother's day come,we will be looking at so many poems whether in paper,tv,and most of them in FB dat are all bout mums,mothers,mummy and all sort of calling we give 2 a very precious woman in our life who are de ones who born us into dis world..and same as to me i will not let dis chance to write a poem but xtually it's more bout a story of  my life n my 'MA'.. *dat's becoz i dun really know much in making a poem..XD

u're really special in my life,
notim in dis world can replace U,
u're taking care of me since i was being born into a new world,
certainly,dat time was very difficult 2 u right,
fes to bring me da whole time wif u in a more than 9 month,
i know u must really suffer right during dat time,
then,da time u're delivering me
dat must be really2x pain right,
i know peole said it was like da biggest pain after death ='(
now,u're taking care of me until now i'm 20 years old.
it's not only me but also my other 9 siblings..
how can u be so strong to guide all 10 people n now thank god now we're living well..

i know i was like really stubborn during my childhood..
how can u be really patience towards my behaviours,
i know u must have gone through a really hard time,
how can u face all those things,
if i know during da time u had suffered a lot
if i can realise ur hardship even i don't know anytim during dat time,
i would really2x like to comfort U,to please U,to make U cheerful..
i know sumtimes u're angry to me,
n there're da time i was being too rude to u,
coz i juz follow my emotion without think rationally,
MA,i would really seek for ur forgiveness for all de things i do
dat make u hurt,

now i had growing to become a big gurl,
n i will promise to try my best not giving u any
hardship n diffilcuty dat u had felt once during my growing years..='(
yesss,,i really2x want to make it MA..
coz u're everytim in my life,

if i can tell to u right now dat i'm really2x love u truthfully in my heart..
n dat i really alwiss missing U..
please pray for ur daugther dat she will a good child so
i can repay all ur kindness ma..
n also please pray for me so that i'm too can be as strong,patience mom
oneday juz like u MA..=')

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