Thursday, May 19, 2011

~a 3 days holidei in pangkor~


hallo..ingt x entri lepas ak citer sal g gnting okei next olidei trip ak is at pangkor island..wuhhuuu..fes time gak g..a joyable trip wif my sisiter's family..ala sume org da mmg bese pg kt citu kn..p ape yg ak ase time g cne sgt2 la mnarik n best!!mmgla kt citu notim much interesting to attract  people..but it's not da attraction really dat i felt staying there is best but actually behind all those lifes at pangkor..i'm still thinking how can people there continue their life by just staying in an island far from urban life..but den i realise dat it's not da urban life dat is important in our life..we still can  make a modernisation to a place with our own method in our own life style..3 days in pangkor i can acknowledge all da activities there dat for sure must be related to marinated life..even it's just a small place but there're a lot of enterpreneur and dat r really advanced u know...
okei let's take a look at dis pictures..hope enjoysss it..=)

ha nie ai fes kt atas jeti nk g pngkor
 niela nmenye kote belande satu-stunye tmpt brsejarah kt cni
 wif my sis kt lokasi yg sme gak
 nie tman foo ling ape tahhh...da lupe..hehe..ade batu great wall
 tadaaaa..besar x batu nie
 haaa nmpak tak batu besar kt ats 2..tuela great wall slah sti tarikan plncong kt cni gak..
 last day kteorg pling syokk nek bot then snorkelling..syokk taw!

best sgt2x g snorkelling..fes time gak try bnde tue..wah xtaw nk ckp pe sbb fes experience tgok ikan kt dasar laut..lawa sgt2x..haaa pastue fes time pgang lintah laut..geli gak awal2x..heee..kalo bley ak nk lago snorkelling sbb xpuas ritue..p ak nie agk pnkut nk g snorkelling kt tgah2x laut..asek dok kt tepi2 jea.akibatnye habis calar balar kaki kne coral2 yg tajam..xpala pngalaman org katekan dok kt pulau..wahhhaa..



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